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Top Coat Powder Coating provides powder coating services for commercial and individual clients. Powder coating is a high-quality finish that provides protection and an attractive finish on a variety of products, from appliances to machinery and more. Products that are powder coated are more resistant to moisture and UV damage, and the powder coating reduces the risk of fading, chipping, corrosion and more. Powder coating is durable and beautiful. If you’re looking for protection for your outdoor furniture, or a custom look for your vehicle’s rims, contact the team at Top Coat Powder Coating today.

Top Coat’s 3-Stage Iron Phosphate Washing System

All of our powder coating projects begin with a thorough washing with our 3-stage iron phosphate system. This system includes a cleaner, a phosphate-protective chemical application and a sealer, all of which significantly improves the length of time your powder coated surface will resist corrosion and look great.

Our iron phosphate protective application can be used on a variety of products, including steel and aluminum. We run everything through our washer before applying the powder coating, providing our customers with the best powder coating results.

The iron phosphate protective chemical treatment acts as a durable base for your powder coating, increasing the lifespan of your powder coat and making it more resistant to corrosion. After our washer applies the iron phosphate coating, we’ll run your pieces through a rinse and seal stage, removing any residual contaminants for the best powder coating adherence and sealing the phosphate at the proper pH.

Custom Powder Coating For Precision & Style

The professionals at Top Coat can customize a variety of projects, like wheels/rims, motorcycles or watercraft, antiques and collectibles you’d like to display and more with a variety of powder coating colors, styles, and details. Our machines are incredibly precise, allowing us to section off pieces and coat each in a different color without risking bleeds or stains.

We’re happy to sit down for a project consultation with you to determine your desired look and durability before the powder coating process begins. Reach out to us today at (574) 206-5658 to discuss your powder coating needs!

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Top Coat Powder Coating Works With A Variety of Industries

Everything we do is designed for the utmost customer satisfaction. Our powder coating services are available to a wide range of industry partners, including but not limited to:

  • Automotive
  • Electrical 
  • Metal Fabricators
  • Construction
  • Transportation

If you’re not sure if your market/industry is a good fit for powder coating, just give us a call!

Delivery Available

We offer our flatbed trailer for deliveries of bulk orders or large custom pieces should you need it.